What is MTI or Mother Tongue Influence?

It means the influence of your mother tongue or native language on your second language which usually is English. It is easy to figure out the nationality of a someone in the way they use the dialect that interferes with their English. When MTI becomes evident and obvious, it leads to incorrect pronunciation, which in turn makes it difficult to comprehend and fails to impress the listener So why exactly do we face MTI issues? MTI is an impact of your native language on your second language. Since we speak our native language on a daily basis, and each native language has its peculiar sounds, those sounds and tones from our native language leave a long lasting impact on our brain. Now, how do we overcome MTI? First of all, don’t lose confidence, because MTI is a common and major issue in India. Becoming aware of the pronunciation errors made while speaking English is a key step towards improvement. Carefully listen to how the word is pronounced and try to understand the mouth movement to articulate each sound. This could be difficult initially but with practice, pronunciation becomes more fluent and effortless. Record what you speak and read it, so you can get the right guidance from your trainer. And finally….READ READ and READ, because that best resolves your pronunciation and vocabulary issues.

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