Placement Consulting

With a huge pool of available talent and leads, we are highly skilled
to provide you with the ideal employee you are searching for.

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We Provide Expert Recruitment and Staffing Assistance to help build your dream team

Finding talent with the right skill sets for an organization is one of the biggest challenges faced by corporates irrespective of their size. A good deal of time and money gets spent, but the results are usually not upto the mark.

This is exactly where English Arcade fits in. Our team of expert recruiters take time to understand your requirements and then source the best talent that suits your expectations. As of today, we are extremely proud to say that all our present clients are very happy with our work.

Benifits of Our Recruitment and Staffing Assistance

Access to a Wide
Pool of Talent


Increased efficiency
and Productivity

Improved Quality
of Hires

Cost Saving

Scalable Model