Difference between British and American English

English is the most spoken language across the world and is also said to be extremely flexible. Over the last few years, English used in the United States of America and the United Kingdom has seen a few distinct changes, leading to what we now know as British English and American English. While there are certainly many versions in the way English is spoken across the globe, British and American English are the most popular as well as the most taught. There are 3 major differences between British and American English: Firstly, Pronunciation: Differences in both vowel and consonant sounds, stress, and intonation. The most common is the way the letter “r” is pronounced. The letter “r” is dropped or is silent if it comes after a vowel sound in the same syllable. Example: Park – r is not pronounced Secondly, Vocabulary: It is the most noticeable difference between American and British English. There are numerous words spoken on a daily basis that are different. For example, the front of the car is called the bonnet by the British but Americans call it the hood. Thirdly, Spelling: The spellings in British English have influences from other languages, mainly French and German. On the other hand, American English is mostly based on how the word is pronounced. Example: Honour – British, honor- American / Humour- British, humor – American

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