Active Listening v/s Passive Listening

What is Active Listening and Passive Listening? When we HEAR, we are only responding to 26 different letters being used in different combinations. Whereas, When we LISTEN, we are making complete sense of what those 26 letters, in their different combinations are actually implying. Importance of Active Listening. It helps a person to fully understand not just what is being conveyed, but also in what context it is being said. Makes it easier for the listener to carry out any specific instructions that the spoken message might have for him or her. It also helps to avoid miscommunication or examples of the actual message being lost in translation. Listening is a Soft Skill. Soft skills, by name and by nature aren’t the easiest of skills that most people manage to grasp in their lives. Listening is one of the hardest of those skills to master. Your journey from simply hearing, to effectively listening begins at, ENGLISH ARCADE. So, waste no more time and reach out to our training advisors TODAY!!!

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